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GorillaADZ® Mobile LED Billboard Trucks are equipped wireless Bluetooth proximity advertising technology.

Proximity Marketing 2

So what is proximity marketing?

Proximity marketing--also sometimes called hyperlocal marketing--uses cellular technology to send marketing messages to mobile-device users who are in close proximity to the Bluetooth sending device installed on our trucks. The market is defined by those with Bluetooth or Wi-fi technology, and the message is sent out electronically by businesses hoping to digitally connect with nearby consumers. This technology allows advertisers the ability to "PUSH CONTENT" onto smartphones, tablets and laptops that are Bluetooth enabled within up to 300ft from our mobile LED billboard trucks.

With mobile devices becoming a staple of modern society and the preferred way of accessing digital content, today's successful marketers will need to understand how to connect successfully with mobile consumers using this technology.

Please consult with your account rep for more information

Consult with your account rep for more information. Call GorillaADZ® today so we can help you get started. (214) 725-1390

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